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The Castle in the Forest


10000 supporters !!!!

Hello everyone !

In less then 3 months this Lego Ideas project made it to the 10000 votes !!!

I want to thank everybody who supported this project, thank you for all the encouragements, and nice words. Special thanks to all those who shared this project. 

It's been a huge success, beyond my expectations. 

With this update some pictures of the forestmen party. While many of us are actually forced to stay at home, these lego forestmen supporters could escape and they joined the party ! 

And don't forget to check out my other MOCs on flickr


(I've some problems with inserting the images of the forestmen party, you'll find them on flickr) 


7500 supporters !

To celebrate the 7500 supporters milestone check out my youtube video



day 34, 5000 supporters !

finished just in time : 3840 extra studs of landscape. Thank you all !!!!


day 11, 1000 supporters !

To celebrete the first 1000, I build 16 studs of extra landscape all around. Maybe more to comme...

If you also hope this project will make it to the 10000 please take time to leave a comment in the comment section,

If this post remains one of the most popular ideas, it will be much easier to find for newcomers.

Up to the next goal 5000 !




Photos of my build version