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Aircraft Tow Tractor


Part 2444

I received some feedback which pointed out a part of the instructions which were not clear. Unfortunately I the program I use to make the instructions used a default angle for part 2444 which made it look like a flat plate rather than a plate with a hole for a snap connection. Please see a revised sheet for building the towing arm which should be clearer.


The Parts List

To finish off the building instructions here is the parts list, Please click on the image to enlarge it. Please post a comment if you do build the Tow Tractor. 


Towing a plane

I have recreated the rendered photo of the truck attached to the nose wheel of a large Lego City passenger plane. Click on the image to see an enlarged and uncropped photo.


Building instructions - Part Three

Parts list to follow....


Building instructions - Part Two


Building instructions - Part 1

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Test Build

The Tow Tractor has been built up with no issues, the parts supplier I use was out of stock with one part of the towing arm in the colour I needed, so I have substituted dark grey parts in this build.

I would always test build before publishing build instructions, LEGO sometimes surprises you - the positive surprise with this set was just how strong a connection the towing arm had with the nosewheel. On the negative side the towing arm is very light and the ball joint on my arm has a tight spot so the towing does not always follow the tractor, this is only a problem when the arm is not connected to an aircraft, with the weight of an aircraft attached it moves as it should.

Colour was also a surprise and Black did not work as well as it seemed to in LDD. Either detail was lost or the contrast with the white was too great. In the final build I have replaced the black grills on the side and top of the truck with dark grey pieces and a light grey grill front. (Click on image to enlarge)

Instructions and a parts list to follow.....

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