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Aircraft Tow Tractor


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This project is a mini-figure sized, low height, aircraft Tow Tractor and a towing arm which attaches to the nosewheel of the aircraft. Vehicles like this are used at almost every airport in the world where large aircraft need to be moved.

Most LEGO aircraft have a swivelling nosewheel with a forward facing stud and for or this project to work it was essential that the towing arm had enough clutch power to pull an airliner - Although designed in LDD the Towing arm has been made up in LEGO and it has successfully towed a large LEGO airliner. The cone piece provides a surprisingly strong connection to the nosewheel. All together the towing arm is more than up to the task.

Completed in an 'Octan' colour scheme the Towing Tractor will fill the gap in the current (and past) City Airport range.

At just 185 parts the model should be reasonably priced addition to any LEGO City Airport.

All parts are currently available and I will provide an update to the project with building instructions so you could build an Airport Tow Tractor now.

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