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Sewer System

A pipe bursts in your Lego City! Oh no! We've got to send in a sanitation expert before it gets any worse. The professional lays down safety cones, opens the sewer hole, and descends a ladder to find the problem. The pipe came undone and is now shooting out water. He retrieves a flashlight on the wall only to discover a scary bat! He gets over the bridge and into the water which is collecting into a drain. Now it's time to radio the Lego City welder!

Explore the "depths" of your imagination with Lego's "Sewer System" set. This set can stand alone as a diorama or it can be the beginning of a new city. What's on the other side? Maybe a subway station, maybe hidden treasure, maybe a secret lair, maybe the habitat of a mythical monster, maybe a labyrinth... Who knows! 

The sewer hole opens by means of a swiveling Lego Technic liftarm. The lid is guaranteed to stay open during play or display due to a counterweight on the toggle. The stability of the trap-door assembly is secured by a "pillar" of water. In the closed position the trap-door rests on a pipe. 

The entire set is easy to hold in the hands due to the non-vertical appearance of the outer walls. The design aesthetic avoided very sharp corners. The result is a flowing construction with bevels, levels, and roundedness to counteract the typically cubic cityscape. Every effort was made to round out details such as the water, the walls, the arches, and the pathway to remove straight lines. Attention to color was a huge factor in every single piece laid. Every piece represents something in this vignette. With shadows in mind, the set looks well lit and well colored from every angle. 

Pieces: 304 (1 Minifigure and 1 Bat included)

Dimensions: 10 bricks tall, fits perfectly onto a 16x16 plate as part of your new city system.

Colors: 21 Different colors to add to your palette!

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