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The Western Meadowlark joins the line-up

To celebrate our first 300 supporters, a brilliant pop of LEGO yellow joins the original line-up with the addition of the Western Meadowlark, or 'Sturnella negrlecta'

John James Audubon gave the bird its latin name 'neglecta' because he felt it was often overlooked by settlers of the American west. So perhaps it's fitting that this species be joining the party last.

As members of of the icterid family, the Meadowlark has exceptionally strong beak muscles, allowing it to penetrate soil or bark, and then 'gape' its mouth open to reveal tasty treats within. It also has a hypnotizing song which includes some distinctly metallic notes. Because of this, we've allowed movement in the lower beak so that the Meadowlark can project its tune across the field.

At 150 pieces, this model brings the total pieces in the set to approximately 530 pieces, thus maintaining a very affordable price point for this elegant collection.

Please consider adding your support and sharing this project with a fellow birder! :)

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