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Birds in Action


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Six years after Ideas Birds 21301 was released, birding has become more popular than ever before, so what better way to celebrate than with a brand-new set of birds to build?

My partner and I have recently become huge birders and LEGO fans so bringing this set to life would be a dream come true for us both!

Included are two of the most iconic birds of North America - the Northern Cardinal and the American Robin, as well as the most widespread swallow in the world - the Barn Swallow.

These 3 nearly life-sized models depict each species' most distinctive behaviors. The American Robin, a backyard favorite, plucks a juicy worm from the ground for breakfast. The Northern Cardinal, with arched posture and chest out, heralds its trademark tune. The Barn Swallow, a truly dynamic acrobat, feeds on the wing, snagging insects from mid-air!

Each model is between 120 and 150 Pieces, with approximately 380 pieces total, making this gorgeous display model very affordable. While primarily designed for display, the Barn Swallow can be detached to become a delightfully swoosh-able and pose-able play model.

If you'd like to see this collection on your shelf as much as we would, please consider supporting!

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