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Poirot`s Police Chase


Hercule Poirot has found out the identity of the thief, but can he catch him in time?

Poirot`s Police Chase would make a great Lego set because it features three iconic cars and minifigures from the famous books by Agatha Christie and these cars and minifigures can be used in any city layout.

Minifigures: Hercule Poirot (in red car, left side), Cpt Arthur Hastings (red car, right side), Chief Inspector Japp (running) and an escaping thief (running).

Cars: Hastings` Roadster (1935  red Jaguar), Chief Inspector Japp`s police car (1930s Wolseley police car) and the thief's getaway car (1930 Packard Tourer). 

Based on cars and characters from the Hercule Poirot novels by Agatha Christie, but not based on any particular novel or scene.


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