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Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower opened in December 1958 and is 333m tall.  Designed to be 9m taller than the Eiffel Tower there was a short time in 2011 when it shrank to 315m after an earthquake bent the antenna at the top of the tower and it had to be replaced. 

Designed to be part of the Architecture range the tower has been built to the same scale as the LEGO Eiffel Tower model. It stands fractionally taller at 32cm compared with 31cm of the Eiffel Tower. The model features the main two floor observation level at 150m and the special observation deck at 250m. Between the legs of the tower is the 5 floor visitors centre, called Foot Town. The real Foot Town includes an Aquarium, souvenir shops and resturants. The souvenir shops sell every available souvenir of Tokyo. If this project gets enough support perhaps this set could even end up being sold in Foot Town.

It would be a nice touch if the set included nameplates in Japanese and English. I liked the fact the Eiffel tower came with English and French plates and fitted both to the base.

Thank you for looking, please support and leave your comments.

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