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Ronin's Sanctum

Masterless after the death of his lord, the Ronin retreats to a simple, self-sufficient life - but remains prepared should he ever need to take up his blade again...

Continuing my interest in hybrid feudal architectural styles, I have built the Ronin's Sanctum as a companion to my other build, the Prefect's Garrison. Originally, the Garrison was meant to have a tower rising behind it, but I ran out of bricks and had to separate the two. Once again, I have incorporate elements of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and European design into this model, which although conceptually tied to the feudal Japanese period is not meant to be a historically accurate depiction. That said, were this to be adopted as a LEGO set, I think it would be a great opportunity for the company to design a more historically true version to fill a current gap. The large-scale Ninjago sets offer a great way to work in this space, however the futuristic/technological elements do distract from authenticity.

  • Light brick at the top of the tower
  • Modular levels
  • Main doors can open inwards or slide along geared tracks at the turn of the cranks
  • Many animals including fish, frogs, turtles and ducks

Height: 43cm (17in)
Base: 45 stud square baseplate
Pieces: 2,669 (although it would be achievable with fewer with unlimited access to larger bricks and plates)
Minifigures: 1, but with additional accessories to change into armoured form

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