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Prefect's Garrison

Inspired by classical Japanese and Chinese feudalism, the Prefect's Garrison is a town checkpoint that serves as both a military outpost and administrative centre. Constructed upon a natural rock embankment for tactical advantage, the garrison provides oversight and defence against attack from rival warlords.

Returning to building after a 20-year break, I designed this model as an homage to other large scale castle sets, such as those found in Castle and Ninjago themes. With Castle presently inactive, and Ninjago invoking supernatural and technological elements as part of that theme's narrative, I feel there is currently a gap for a historical fortress build.

Features (photo number):
  • Oversee administration of the town from the Prefect's top-level office and treasury (4)
  • Plan the town's defence from the tactician's chamber (5)
  • Repel attack from the central gunnery (6)
  • Send messages from the calligrapher's studio (7)
  • Feed an army from the galley (8)
  • Make peace in the diplomat's tea-room (9)...or send the emissary down to the dungeon below (10)
  • Prepare for battle in the mess hall and training grounds (11)
  • Guard the prisoner (12)
  • Work the forge to repair weapons (13)
  • Tend to the horses and gardens (14)
Modular design allows each room to be easily removed, providing clearer access to the lower levels of the garrison.

Technical Specifications
Height: 46cm
Width: 45cm
Depth: 32cm
Pieces: 2,046
Minifigures: 13
  • The Prefect
  • Retainer
  • House staff (3)
  • Chef
  • Guards (2)
  • Invaders - Generals (2)
  • Invaders - Soldiers (2)
  • Invaders - Assassin (1)
Builder's notes:
  • This model uses elements of Japanese, Chinese and European design as is not intended as a representation or commentary of any single cultural style.
  • Whilst NINJAGO minifigures have been used for illustrative purposes, this model is not intended to align with this theme.

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