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Iron Man's Laboratory

Hello Lego CUUSOO,
The set I made is a version of Iron Man's Laboratory, . This section of it is his Laboratory where he builds his suits. The hall where he keeps them is shown below. In the middle section it includes a light brick which is activated by pressing an axle on top. When pressed it will shine on the mark 42, Iron Man's latest suit. The set also includes a stair case that takes you to a door that would lead to the rest of mansion.I hope to make more Iron man three items.

This section shows the hall of armor with 3 suits and a computer. The set also includes Iron Man's Mark 42,War Machine and one of his suits from Iron Man 3.

This is the platform where he tests out his brand new suit with Jarvis

This image shows the workbench where he stores his extra parts which has a helmet on top.

This is an image of the lab from above.

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