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Yellow and White Racing Car - Dune Buggies

Why exploring desert dunes on a normal dune buggy, when you could drive a racing car dune buggy? Yes, I know. Not everybody is interested in going around sand dunes, even if it could be so cool! But, why not? You can do it in your imagination! You can be the pilot of one of these amazing yellow and white racing car dune buggies! How do you feel it?

I created this set thinking about a holiday in Egypt, some years ago. I went to Sahara by car, and it was an incredible experience! So, I tried to imagine that holiday on a different, faster vehicle. I realized the two racing car dune buggies in a couple of minutes! 

To me, we have two ways to use Lego bricks: to reproduce something we can see in the world and to invent something nobody has ever seen yet. I chose the second way, and that satisfies me a lot!

I hope you support my project, if you think that's cool!

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