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The Lair


Welcome to "The Lair"

about this time, a year ago, the Quest Builder Project ( ) reached 10.000 votes. It was not chosen in the review stage unfortunately and since then, many people have asked for a resubmission.

This model is based on Quest Builder but with several changes as requested by supporters. The idea is the same: basic room tiles that can be placed in random order. This time however, the walls can be rearranged in whatever order you like, thus changing the looks of your "Lair" any way you like. The walls can be removed and placed within seconds.

Compared to the original Quest Builder project, the room tiles are bigger and the walls are higher. The corner pillars are a lot sturdier (stablity may have been an issue why it wasn't approved).


What is Quest Builder?

Quest Builder is a generic set that will allow you to create any kind of lair you like. Whether that is a cave, a dungeon, a thieves nest, a warehouse etc etc. The set contains a lot of elements that will allow you to quickly shape the setting you like. When you are satisfied, pick your hero and your opponents and go on an adventure.

A quick show of what you rooms could look like:

Will you find the treasure? Will you defeat the evil Lord that terrorises the area? Can you solve the mystery of the dead rising at night? Where do all those stolen goods go? The possibilities are endless.

Below a link to what a possible adventure could look like:

The set would be ideal for role players, adventurers and anyone who likes magical medieval settings. The set does not come with specific rules for playing. It could be used with any game setting you prefer.


The room tiles are 16 x 16 studs
Amount of bricks used: 2600 (ish)



Would you like to be a Quest Builder? Create your own "Lair"?
Please consider supporting this project to reach 10.000 votes and who knows, it may become a real set!

Remember, 2600 bricks is a lot!  (I think misjudging the price range may also be a reason why projects do not pass)

Press the blue SUPPORT button on the right, answer a few questions and done !


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