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Welcome Quest Builder !

I am glad you found your way to this fantasy set with a multitude of options. Three brave heroes await your story. No one knows what adventures they will have, no one know what dangers or monsters they will encounter on their journeys and quests.

Are they on a treasure hunt? Are they on a quest to eliminate the evil bonelord or are they simply curious and want to unravel the mysteries of an abandoned keep. No one knows what lies hidden in the forgotten rooms. No one knows how far the cellars extend into the lower layers of the earth. No one knows, except YOU, Quest Builder!

With this set you can create your own dungeons and lairs for the heroes to investigate. There are dozens of possible layouts and setups. You can place the rooms in any sequence desired to create the lair you like.

Six minifigures of different monsters/villains can be placed in your dungeon for you heroes to combat. There are also several smaller creatures already in the rooms that can of course be placed where desired.


Adventure example:

Just to show what an adventure for you and your friends could look like I made a small cartoon:


Technical details:

The rooms are 8x8 studs, the lairs 16x16.

I used relatively low walls to stay within a reasonable amount of bricks and still have a multitude of rooms. Furthermore the lower walls make it easier to see the dungeon when playing. The rooms can be placed on top of each other and the doors can open and close. I used square rooms out of practical reasons for storage and it is easier to make a layout.

The total amount of bricks used are within the guidelines but high, just below 3000. The base plate with the ruins and trees is not included because item count would be too high then.



Given the countless options in layouts many adventures can be created. The set is also easily extendable by creating your own rooms and lairs. The minifigures offer many play options. There have been quite a few minifigure series that would fit very well with this set and can be easily integrated in the stories.

The set would be great for people who like role playing games. It would also be fun for people who like medieval settings, though if the figures are replaced with modern heroes and villains it would work just as well.


Would you like to be a quest builder?

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