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M:Tron 2: Revolution


Blacktron Log - Final Update

[connection restored]

Hello again, "Fellow Cadets" Blacktron has returned! Did you miss us? It's been a year since you last thwarted our efforts. while you were in the dark due to losing signal, their four ships fell to our might once again! and to make sure they stayed down, we were quick on Commandeering their Vessels and give them our signature Black and Yellow Color Scheme.

Of course, Since their "Revolution" was far from the Thousand they needed, our worries never came to pass with their latest support only coming with two new members. While they got lucky the year before, nobody can stay lucky forever as they perish with the remnants of their base, Marking their efforts as a Failure!

Okay, I think a Whole Year of roleplay is long enough. We managed to reach the hundred Supporter Milestone mere hours before expiration the first time, but now we're back here with a total of 1.85%.

Edit: make that 1.86 with that one last supporter.


Captain's M-log - Mini Update 4

"KSSSH-Black-TSSSH-not holding-KRRRK-only one-KRRRK-have ten days-KSSSH-Help us, we're-DRRKSSSH"

[Transmission lost]
[Support Percentage: 1.83%]
[Time remaining: Ten Days]


Captain's M-log - Mini Update 3

twenty days remain and blacktron has arrived at our base with only one goal, to stop our Revolution at its tracks and claim our ships as their own. but before they did, we got two more cadets willing to help out, which increased our efforts to 1.82%. be that as it may, i have a feeling we won't make it.


Captain's M-log - Update 24

thirty days remain for us as we gather three new cadets in our efforts, rising to 1.8% before facing Blacktron once again. we might not come back from this, but the more support in these troubled times the better.


Captain's M-log - Mini Update 2

with Blacktron's impending threat on our heads, we had to send one last SOS signal throughout the galaxy. four cadets came to our aid, boosting our efforts to 1.77%. our efforts can't go to waste in the 54 days we have left!


Captain's M-log - Update 23

I knew it was only a matter of time before we return to our 60-day beginnings. and we're currently at 1.73% after gaining three more. anyways, we've managed to decrypt the message.

"KRRRRSSSSSH- You were only lucky to still be alive M-tron, but don't think you'll be saved by a miracle again. We will be back to finish you off for good! Blacktron Out! -KRRK-KRRSSH"

It was a threat from Blacktron! They're more stubborn than we thought! we're going to need 827 more to keep this Revolution Going, so let's make another miracle happen before they get the upper hand! I'm counting on you all!


Captain's M-log - Mini Update

while we were busy decrypting the transmission back at our base, we were informed of some rather unfortunate news from earth. The Micro Mixels, Micro Morcia castle, Liberty of Mars Modula jet, Scurvy Pedalo, and Reunited Kanohi Vahi have all lost. oh well, back to the transmission.

"You w-KRRK-luc-KRRK-ve M-Tron, but don-TSHH-you-KRRK-saved by-KRRK-gain. W-SHHH- be B-KRRK- to-FSSH"

Seems like there's more to this message than we thought.


Captain's M-log - Update 22

as July comes to an end, we're now 25 days away from our starting time of sixty days and we've recruited seven new cadets into our revolution, bumping our efforts to 1.7%. thank goodness for the 90th anniversary contests back on earth for the extra recognition.

"You w-KRRK-luc-KRRK-Tron, b-TSHH-don-TSHH-you-KRRK-sav-DSHHH"

that's odd, the transmission we got seems to be scrambled. doesn't sound friendly, but we'll get that signal fixed soon.


Captain's M-log - Update 21

I fear Blacktron's Return is coming ever closer with every day that passes, and with four more Cadets from our latest expedition and 116 days left for us, we might not get a Lucky break like last time as we're up to 1.63% and need 837 more just to ward them off again.


Captain's M-log - Update 20

with our latest Expedition netting us only four more cadets in our revolution, we're now at 1.59% of our goal. in times of when our support count is higher than our time, something like that should be a good thing, but in the case of where we are now, not so much as we only got under half an earth year to gather 841 more cadets and ward off blacktron for another half.

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