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M:Tron 2: Revolution


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Red and Black make a comeback!

Long ago, I made Galaxy unity, consisting of eight small color coded spaceships that combine together into a big V-shaped ship. That didn't go very well, so I decided to go for a similar space theme instead. Opting to sacrifice half of the ship count to help give them all a distinct M-shape, not just with the individual ships, but for the combined spacecraft. (Update: now including a base With the prominent M-shape)

The Four Ships
  • The Bow-shaped Quantum Arrow (122 Bricks)
  • The Four winged Radar Crusader (106 Bricks)
  • A Pair of Star Speeders (both 76 Bricks)

all four totaling to 380 bricks by themselves. (With the minifigs adding 29 and the base adding 299 bricks)

Why did you build this?
I figured I would learn from my mistake from Galaxy unity and apply it to a different sub theme. (At least it's not Blacktron again).

Why do you believe in this?
When you've made a plethora of ideas and kept facing expiration, especially in the troubled year of 2020, you get desperate trying to find the one idea to breakout.

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