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Great Wall of China


This is my Great Wall of China.It is being attacked by Samurai from Japan.They have brought a battering ram to try to break down the gate.

It has two towers with removable tops.Inside you will find a table with two chairs and an empty barrel.There is a pathway to get from one side of the tower to the other.The path itself is 4 bricks wide.Both of the towers are identical.There are ladders to get minifigs from the top to the bottom.

On top of the towers there is a signal fire.There are also four flags.The flags are red and yellow.There is space on to of the towers for a lot of minifigs.

The front side of the gate has two black handles.And on the back side there is a beam to secure the gate.The gate is wide enough to fit four minifigs through at a time.

The walkway up above the wall has two guards to stand watch.The pathway is quite long.You can fifteen+ minifigs on top of it.

The walls and towers can all be connected by the connector pegs.On both ends there are empty places so you can connect more than one set.

Included inside is:

  •  2 Chinese crossbow archers
  • a Chinese swords man using a Miaodao (a katana like sword)
  • a Chinese spear man
  • a Chinese fangtian ji (a halberd type weapon)
  • a Chinese Captain with a golden taiji jian (a type of sword)

and now to the group of Samurai:

  • a Samurai Shogun in black with a Katana
  • a Samurai Shogun in red with a bow
  • a Samurai with a red banner and a spear
  • and a Samurai with a black banner and a spear

please support this set.Thank you for checking this set out.look for my other Asian inspires sets in a few weeks.Thank you.

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