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The Library

Thanks for coming to my product idea!

Welcome to 'The Library', a landmark of Lego City full of romance and the scent of books!

Build your own romantic Lego city centering on 'The Library', a place where you can meet various beautiful cultures around the world and dream of a wonderful future!

This project started with a small dream to create my own beautiful library since I was a child.

From a young age, I have thought that the most beautiful library is a place that people often visit, and that is filled with the scent of books among them.

So, I wanted to design and create a beautiful library that anyone wants to find and come.

And my own beautiful library, which was my childhood dream, was completed to this 'The Library' through Lego as an adult.

  • Exterior of 'The Library'

'The Library' consists of a combination of a book-shaped entrance building that anyone can recognize at a glance as a library, and a main building with an antique design where the classics and the modern meet.

And at the bus stop on the right side of the library, a pencil-shaped bench that informs the library at once welcomes visitors to 'The Library'.

  • Interior of 'The Library'

1st Floor - Reading room
High ceilings, chandeliers, and the library's signature green table stands and magnificent wall sculptures provide a truly beautiful space for library users.

2nd Floor - Data room
It is a place where a wide variety of books are kept.
Busts of the two founders of 'The Library' are displayed at the entrance to the archive, and there is a space at the back where you can find information about books.

3rd Floor - Outdoor rest area
It is a space where people can read a newspaper outdoors or have a discussion or talk with each other.
The open city view will help people to be fully refreshed.

  • Overall structure

The main building was divided into floors so that the inside could be seen by floors.

And in the entrance building of 'The Library', the side can be opened so that the interior can be seen openly.

  • Information

- Contains 2990 pieces

- Two-story building that combines the entrance building and the main building

- Minifigure: 'The Library' manager

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