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Hocus Pocus - Sanderson Sisters' Cottage


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This is the home of the infamous Salem witches Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson from the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus.
I absolutely loved this movie as a kid and never stopped loving it ever since! When I rewatched the movie and saw the Sanderson sisters' cottage, a voice in my head said that this cottage would be an awesome LEGO set. Not only for die hard Hocus Pocus-fans but also for the ones that love spooky or haunted houses, Halloween and well.... just a bunch of hocus pocus!

The set represents the moment when Max Dannison lights the black flame candle.
It's a magical candle made of the fat from a hanged man. If lit by a virgin during a full moon, the spirits of the dead would raise for one night.
Green light comes out of the floor and the tiles are shaking. Candles get lit by magic and so does the fireplace, the spellbook opens his eye and then the Sanderson sisters walk back into their home after 300 years, hungry for childeren...ON TOAST!

The set consists out of less then 2700 parts. It includes the cottage (50cm high, 45cm wide and 50cm long), Billy's grave and custom made Minifigures with their attributes.

  • Winifred Sanderson *
  • Sarah Sanderson
  • Mary Sanderson **
  • Max Dannison
  • Dani Dannison ***
  • Allison
  • Emily Binx ****
  • Thackery Binx
  • Binx
  • Billy Butcherson
  • Ernie / Ice
  • Jay

  • The set can be customized to look like the 1993 Sanderson Museum complete with black candle info-stand, museum signage, rope barriers and cash register, or you can remove these elements and simply make the Sandersons' home as if it was 1693.

  • The Dani, Max and Allison minifigures all feature two faces allowing you to pose them with a happy face, or a scared one. 

  • There is a custom made spellbook with in it the spell used to turn Thackery Binx into a cat.

  • The cursed black flame candle, lit by a virgin during a full moon.
  • Every Sanderson sister has her personal flying object. Winifred has a broom, Sarah a mop and Mary has a Hoover.
  • You can put Ice and Jay in the cages and spin them around untill they're dizy.

  • You can open Billy's grave and wake him after 327 years of rest, finally! 

  • Jars filled with magical objects to make potions.

  • Some freshly brewed potion to become immortal. 

  • A triple bed so the Sanderson sisters can get a beautyrest, which is needed.

I think this would be a good set because it can be used as seasonal decoration since Hocus Pocus is one of the most popular and fan favorite Halloween movies of all time and it would be perfect timing for the release of the second Hocus Pocus film coming next year! In 2023 it's also the 30th anniversary! 

* Winifred's hair should be the 29634 brick
** I would love Mary to have her iconic hair, but that would have to be a custom piece
*** Dani's hair should be the 20606pb02 brick
**** If Emily's hair would be a problem because it's a custom piece, you could replace it with 37749

Oh look... Another GLORIOUS outro...
It makes me SICK!

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TheAmbrinator - Amber Veyt - Belgium

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