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F1 Type Race Car


Inboard rear disk brakes with cooling ducts and lower nose section.

This latest update is to make the design more realistic with current trends (and I can't think why I didn't do this from the start) to include inboard rear brakes and cooling ducts.


I have also taken this opportunity to redesign the nose section to make it lower in line with the 2015 regulations.


Rear Wing and Pedals.

I have revised the rear wing to include movable flaps at the back and added more realistic looking foot pedals.


Front Suspension photo update.

Unfortunately the photos I uploaded with the previous update got cropped in the process and didn't show what I wanted to show, so here goes again.


Front suspension modification.

Whilst looking over this project recently I suddenly became aware of a major flaw with the front suspension, i.e. the suspension push rod in it's original location would, on a real car, have prevented the steering from working.  I have therefore redesigned this area to overcome the problem.  Unfortunately this necessitated a major rebuild of most of the front end.