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F1 Type Race Car


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I wanted to create an F1 type racing car in Lego, based as closely as possible on the current F1 regulations (within my limited knowledge of racing car design).  Allowing for the limitations of available Lego bricks it was necessary, however, to make certain compromises.  For example on a real F1 car the body work immediately in front of the rear wheels would both slope downwards and inwards in what is known as the 'coke bottle' shape.  Unfortunately this has not proved possible and therefore I have compromised with this area just sloping downwards.  Also the rear wheels and tyres should be slightly wider than at the front but, again, the necessary items are not available.  It would have been nice to have a proper F1 type high tech' steering wheel with all of its controls and displays but I wasn't able to create something that looked right.

As I have included quite detailed engine and suspension parts I decided that the design should incorporate removable sections of bodywork to show off these areas.  Again the engine detail is limited to what is available and what will fit in the available space.  The removable parts are:

1. The nose section and front wing.

2. The front suspension cover.

3. The radiator side pod covers.

4. The cockpit safety surround and fuel cap cover.

5. The engine and rear suspension cover.


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