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The violin is the musical instrument that is known as the queen of musical instruments. With its distinctive curved body shaped like an hour glass producing beautiful tones, it has been recreated in LEGO brick form. Reddish brown 1x12x3 arches are used with a combination of tiles, roof tiles, bricks with bow and plates to recreate the unique curves of a violin. Besides the curved body, it was a painstaking task to build the detailed parts of the violin such as the scroll, chin rest, f-holes, bridge, strings and tuning pegs.

The 12 outer cable 176 mm connected with 1x1 clip pieces as the strings, black bar with 1x1 round stud and golden rings as the pegs, and an ice cream swirl element as the decoration of the scroll.

SNOT techniques were also used to create the life-like smooth body of the violin, to add that touch of realism. A total of 1029 pieces was used to build this musical masterpiece.

This brick-built violin is my first MOC for 2021 which was a specially constructed gift for my musically talented daughter. I hope all the LEGO Ideas supporters like my creation! 

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