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"The Coffee Chain" Premium Coffee House


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Come on, who doesn't remember the best coffee place in town?
"The Coffee Chain" has been around the LEGO city for a while but mostly in small stores! It is time for our LEGO city to have its own LEGO "The Coffee Chain" PREMIUM coffee shop for our lego citizens. Oh yeah and don't forget Larry the Barista, he is hiding somewhere in this set lol.
The build
It is consist of 2 floors and a rooftop, the first floor is the coffee kitchen and waiting area filled with awesome artworks. Second floor is the seating area with an wooden artwork on the wall and a shelve filled with cool stuff like what you can  find in typical coffee shop. The outside of the coffee shop has a bicycle rack with the delivery bike and the outdoor seating counter. The special yellow decoration on the front door is a representation of the classic LEGO minifigures head.
Please vote for this project to make it a real set. Thank you a lot!

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