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Springfield Elementary School Simpsons


Welcome to the Simpsons Springfield Elementary School with Bart and Lisa. The set was designed using the original and already existing parts on studio (bricklink), so I made no major changes to the parts.

I tried to be as representative as possible in order to bring to my creation a result as close as possible to the series.

It required 2612 pieces in total.

The set is composed of 2 classrooms:

There's a classroom where Bart was punished, and he must copy lines on the board, we see him more in the main credits and another classroom for chemistry and science.

Downstairs, there is also the principal's office as well as the main entrance with the student lockers.

Finally, on the upper floor, there is the music classroom where Lisa really likes to play the saxophone, which is also in the credits of the series.
I hope that this project on the Simpsons will suit you and that many of you will support the project in order to obtain the 10k.

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