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Paulo's Italian Restaurant


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Paulo is famed in all of Legoland for his perfect pizzas and gorgeous gelato! Paulo makes all his pizza from scratch, and cooks them in his pizza oven. People travel for miles to sample his fare. The restaurant is always busy with diners, so he has some help; his nephew Gino, is head waiter. Paulo is also helped in the kitchen by Maria, who is an aspiring ice cream maker and is learning all she can to be as good as Paulo!


  • 1375 parts

  • Hinged construction allows the building to opened up for full playability.

  • Sections of the upper floor lift off for access.

  • Overlapping click system means that the joining seam is not visible from front of the model.

  • Fully stable, no wobbly parts!

  • Light up pizza oven and pizza peel. (Press down on the chimney to activate the light.)

  • Dessert chiller with ice cream freezer underneath.

  • Drinks rack

  • Cosy dining area

  • Upstairs gallery overlooking the kitchen.

  • Private staff quarters.

  • Outside back yard with dustbin and external tap.

  • Roof terrace accessed by ladder with sun loungers and roof garden.

  • Italian Flag

  • External menu board with “light”.

  • Rambling roses and window boxes.

  • 7 mini-figures: Chef Paulo, waiter Gino, kitchen staff Maria and 4 patrons.

  • Pizzas, ice creams and drinks included.

The Design

I originally built this model using bricks from the following ranges; Paradisa, Harry Potter, Creator, City and Western. Using the.chimney as a button was inspired by creator set 31012. I received creator set 31026 as a Christmas gift, and I built the restaurant to be similar in style to extend the street.

Palette of colours chosen reflected the colours seen in Italian architecture. Brick yellow to mimic sandstone and new dark red to mimic terracotta. Internally, red brown has been used to give the feel of wood. Black has been used for lighting accents and the pizza oven.

I rebuilt the model in LDD. Some parts were changed and improved as I no longer had any constraints on what bricks I could use. For example, I have severe lack of sloping roof bricks so was able to redo the roof as I imagined it. Additional details were added; Extra barrels and bottles, shelf to store bottles. Sack of flour.More rambling roses. Changes in colour to some bricks. Ability to lift off upper floors added. Improved support for upper floor and roof.

Missing Key Bricks

The original model includes some key bricks that were not available/I was unable to find on the LDD creator:

  • Light Brick: This was substituted with a technic brick so that the chimney would still aesthetically connect as it did on the original building. Axle length inside the chimney has been modified to allow for this.

  • 2x2 Ice Cream Tile: Originally from Paradisa 6411 Substituted with additional pizza sign. (See flags at the front.)

  • Red and Green Striped Parasol: Originally from Set 6350. Substituted with plain green parasol.

  • “Chef” Minifigure Torso: Originally from Paradisa 6411. Substituted with plain white torso, and Bandit’s scarf on backwards.

  • “Waiter” Minifigure Torso: Originally from Paradisa 6416 Substituted with alternative formal suit torso​

Additional Printed Parts that would add to the build

2x2 Tile with “Menu” printed on it. Currently using 2x2 tile with “Certificate of Achievement” on it to give similar effect.


My first submitted idea. I would welcome any feedback or questions. :)

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