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3 Greek Gods

I chose to create three thrones of three Greek gods who themselves rule three kingdoms. First, there is Zeus, the king of the gods and master of lightning, the mightiest of the gods, who is on Olympus, Then there is Poseidon, lord of the seas and oceans, whose throne is in Atlantis, under the sea. And finally, there is Hades, ruler of Underworld, and his throne is located in Tartarus, a region of Underworld for the worst criminals.
Each thrones had plate of 8x8
The three gods each have their own weapon. Zeus has lightning, Poseidon has his trident and Hades has his pitchfork.
Along with thrones, there are the first names of every god made with lego. There are colors to match them well. White for Zeus because Olympus is located at beyond the sky, black for Hades because Underworld is seen as dark with fire, and blue for Poseidon because he is in the ocean.
There is a place on each throne to lay down the weapon that goes with it.
In all, there are 404 parts.

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