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A Charlie Brown Christmas


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The 1965 Classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" comes to life in LEGO in this project! Recreate Charlie Brown's attempts at directing a Christmas play and Snoopy's prize-winning decorated doghouse in my LEGO adaptation of this cartoon. Charles Shulz's beloved Peanuts characters have captured the attention of millions- adults and children alike-  and it is my hope that this Holiday-themed set captures the essence of the most well-known Charlie Brown story. 

Included in this set:

-The stage for Charlie Brown's Christmas play

-A ladder & stage light

-Charlie Brown's director's chair and megaphone

-Schroeder's Piano

-Snoopy's Doghouse with decorations

-2 Versions of the pitiful tree

As well as these Minifigures:

-Charlie Brown

-Linus van Pelt

-Lucy van Pelt


Snoopy is an alternate printing of piece 93088pb01 (used in a few LEGO "Friends"-themed sets) and Woodstock is also included, printed on a yellow brick, round 1x1 open stud. Though Woodstock was not included the cartoon "A Charlie Brown Christmas," since he did not appear in the comic strip until 1966, Snoopy's doghouse simply would not be complete without him. 

This set includes 2 versions of the pitiful tree as seen in the show. One is as it appears for most of the cartoon, and the other is a drooping version after Charlie Brown killed it with a heavy ornament. This tree includes Linus's blanket as a base (which is a sticker on piece 43898). 

I did my best to faithfully capture Snoopy's iconic doghouse in LEGO form, though through most of the comic strips and the cartoons it is only shown from the side. Shown in the pictures are the doghouse with and without the lights. I designed it to look attractive with and without these decorations present.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this set! If you wish to make this beloved classic into a LEGO set please support and follow this project. Thanks!