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LEGO® Minerals


The fabulous Red Beryl

One of the rarest gems on earth ! The small but fabulous Red Beryl in all its splendour. Enjoy!


Open Sesame!

Here goes the complete Geode - a surprise for all viewers of this evening's stream of Beyond the Brick !


The Blue Cap

Hello everybody... this is long due and I hope it is worth the wait.

I would like to thank the friends who offered very precious comments and suggested the Blue Cap as next mineral. Also, Jolyon, Mr. Mindat, for the incredible work is doing to back up "Treasures" and Naveen of Geology Love, who brought this Idea to many.

This fine specimen of Tourmaline is special to me, as it has been pre-viewed and "approved" by Mr. Swoboda, the son of the man who first discovered the Blue Caps. I could not hope for higher recognition.

It is a tricky build, since snots are really thin here and I wanted to build horizontally to allow some nice stripings - coming soon in the next two stones - this is going to be a "trilogy"!

I hope you enjoy!

Please keep supporting and sharing,



Lighting Up


Hello everybody, many have commented that it would be interesting to try and light up the minerals from the inside, so this is a first attempt.

Using luminous bricks on studio - thanks to @legotastic2 and friends - I simulated a white led at the bottom of the Beryl and switched to Emerald from the previous Aquamarine (I am currently working on another green mineral though 😜) .

It looks cool to me and it would be totally feasible! So I will be trying with the other stones as well and upload them soon.

Let me have your feedback and please keep on supporting and sharing! Thanks again!