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Hello again everyone!

I’m so excited to share with you the new Rhodochrosite model. 
This specimen can now be built with 324 existing bricks - with no recolour needed - as I replaced the stem element 3741 with the handle 65578, available in clear trans! The modification required quite a lot of redesign as the studs must now be inverted but it was a lot of fun and made the build more interesting!

Yet the great announcement is that the Mineralogy Department of the Natural History Museum of Milan likes it!!! As you may know, this is my hometown Museum where it all started, so I’m baffled they appreciate Lego Minerals! Also, I totally recommend a visit, it’s a magical place! 
Thank you guys!

And here it goes: the New Rhodochrosite in all her splendour.



Here goes a new take on the "Lost Tourmaline", the logo of, the world’s leading authority on minerals and their localities, deposits, and mines worldwide.

LEGO® Minerals would not have made it so far without their advise, dedication, care and support.
I can never thank you enough guys.’s mission is to advance the world’s understanding of minerals and its database is today an essential resource used daily throughout education, academia, and industry.
If the project ever makes it and becomes a Lego set I would love to be able to include in the instruction booklet some educational information curated by the guys at Mindat, wouldn’t it be amazing!
So please enjoy the Mindat Tourmaline. Here goes its intriguing story along with a surpising Epilego ; )



Hello everyone!
Thank you so much for all the love and support you have been pouring - from all over the World - into this small mineral collection !!!
On this occasion, I am so glad to reveal a new specimen dedicated to some very special friends, the guys at the New National Geological Museum of Hellenic Survey of Geology and Mineral Exploration. HSGME has been officially supporting LEGO® Minerals and some specimens I built are alredy there on display! The Lego Minerals - if they become an official set - are going to be integrated in the New Museum educational activities program, isn'it great!
And without further ado, here goes the Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl. This specimen is gorgeous in its black and white simplicity and can be built with currently available Lego bricks!


The fabulous Red Beryl

One of the rarest gems on earth ! The small but fabulous Red Beryl in all its splendour. Enjoy!


Open Sesame!

Here goes the complete Geode - a surprise for all viewers of this evening's stream of Beyond the Brick !


The Blue Cap

Hello everybody... this is long due and I hope it is worth the wait.

I would like to thank the friends who offered very precious comments and suggested the Blue Cap as next mineral. Also, Jolyon, Mr. Mindat, for the incredible work is doing to back up "Treasures" and Naveen of Geology Love, who brought this Idea to many.

This fine specimen of Tourmaline is special to me, as it has been pre-viewed and "approved" by Mr. Swoboda, the son of the man who first discovered the Blue Caps. I could not hope for higher recognition.

It is a tricky build, since snots are really thin here and I wanted to build horizontally to allow some nice stripings - coming soon in the next two stones - this is going to be a "trilogy"!

I hope you enjoy!

Please keep supporting and sharing,



Lighting Up


Hello everybody, many have commented that it would be interesting to try and light up the minerals from the inside, so this is a first attempt.

Using luminous bricks on studio - thanks to @legotastic2 and friends - I simulated a white led at the bottom of the Beryl and switched to Emerald from the previous Aquamarine (I am currently working on another green mineral though 😜) .

It looks cool to me and it would be totally feasible! So I will be trying with the other stones as well and upload them soon.

Let me have your feedback and please keep on supporting and sharing! Thanks again!

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