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LEGO® Minerals


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LEGO® Minerals combine the exceptional beauty of Nature with the endless possibilities of LEGO® : build the crystals, admire them, collect them and learn how they formed through hundreds of centuries!

The specimens are built at 1:1 scale and are : Aquamarine Beryl, Amethyst Geode, Pyrite, Rhodochrosite, Quartz, Red Beryl, and 4 different Tourmalines. 

The official set could include 3 to 5 crystals (with no recolour required and 1100–1700 bricks) with their own dedicated stands and relative name label.
Yet, the collection could grow larger through the years with a periodic release by LEGO® of new specimens / isn’t it what collections are all about!!!

My passion for minerals begun as a kid. My hometown Museum hosted a small mineral market and my grandads used to bring me on Sundays. They always ended up buying for me one or two specimens, small ones, but they looked like treasures to me. It is a very special memory and I thought it would be fun and challenging to recreate minerals with LEGO® bricks!

LEGO® Minerals is perfect for display but is also an interesting build as many advanced techniques are involved. Crystals are natural geometrical wonders and it is quite tricky to build on different planes and angles to represent what Nature is capable of!

LEGO® Minerals could also sparkle curiosity in kids and adults alike and bring them closer to geology and mineralogy. Several respected Institutions and voices in the community are supporting the project and would take care of the educational information which could complement the instruction booklet.
The minerals I built are currently displayed at the new National Geological Museum of Greece! 

So get ready for some serious fun!!!

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