Product Idea

LEGO® Minerals

LEGO® Minerals, previously known as "Treasures of the Earth", celebrates the exceptional beauty that Nature is capable of creating, combined  with the unique enchantment of transparent bricks!

Build the crystals, admire them, collect them and learn how they formed through hundreds of centuries!

The 7 crystals of this collection are: Aquamarine (Emerald) Beryl, Amethyst Geod, Pyrite, Rhodochrosite, Quartz, Blue Cap Tourmaline and Elbaite... and more are coming!
These amazing minerals are built at 1:1 scale with 1170 pieces and it takes several million of years to reach these very respectable dimensions.
Each crystal is provided with an elegant glossy support to enhance their beauty and their collectability! The supports can also be detached to allow holding and displaying each rock as it is. The minerals could also be lit up!

I have always been fascinated by mineral collections (well, by collections in general to be fair). Once a year, the Museum of Natural Sciences hosted a small mineral market and my grandad brought me as a child. He always ended up buying for me some small pieces, but they looked like immense treasures to me. It is a very special memory and I thought it would be fun and challenging to recreate minerals with LEGO® bricks!

Treasures of the Earth is perfect for display but is also an interesting build as many advanced techniques are involved. Minerals are natural geometrical wonders and it is quite tricky to build on different planes and angles to represent what Nature is capable of! So much fun!!!

The crystals are quite accurate and could also sparkle some curiosity: geology and crystallography are such amazing sciences!
If this idea would ever become a set, I would love to see in the booklet some references to the geological phenomena that gave birth to these fantastic rocks! 

The collection could even grow larger as different minerals could be added to make it bigger and bigger! Well, this is what collections is all about isn’t it!

I hope you enjoy this Idea, which we believe to be beautiful, fun to build and educational at the same time.