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Battle Racers

LEGO Battle Racers is my idea for a sub-theme of LEGO Racers. There will be 6 Battle Racers: Rock, Snow, Fire, Toxic, Water, and Destruction. Each Race Car will have a name: Rock Wrecker, Snow Slammer, Fire Fumer, Toxic Tumbler, Water Wammer, and Destruction Dragger. Each is (Obviously) based on an Element. Each Racer will have a special weapon (Hence the name Battle Racers): the Rock Wrecker will have a giant hammer, the Snow Slammer will have a small catapult which can toss a Snow Ball, Fire Fumer (unknown), Toxic Tumbler (unknown), the Water Wammer will have a Thornax launcher (with a Zamor Sphere instead of a Thornax Ball), and the Destruction Dragger will have a blaster. Up above are the race car drivers: Rock (far left), Snow (right of Rock), Fire (right of snow), Toxic (right of Fire), Water Wammer (left of Destruction), and Destruction (far right).

This is a prototype of Rock, do you know how that each racer will have a different weapon? Well Rock has a giant hammer, the hammer can slam as a function to smack other racers, or to break objects that are in his way. Below is a picture of when the hammer is down.

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