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Modern Urban Modular Hospital

In LDD, I created a modern urban modular hospital to compliment the other Lego Creator modular buildings. The roof is a helipad for a Lego rescue helicopter. This set could be used with several of the medical/hospital-themed Lego sets such as Lego City Ambulance 4431 or 7890 and Lego City Rescue Helicopter 7903. Please support!

The first floor features an ambulance driveway behind a pillar support, the emergency room, reception, waiting area, and an elevator that extends to each floor and the roof.

The second floor has three rooms with floor tiles to make it appear like wood flooring. Two rooms on each side of the second floor are short-term recovery rooms. The center room is a long-term recovery room with chairs for guests and TV on the wall for the patient to watch.

The third floor has the operating room, the hospital administrator's office, and an MRI room.

The MRI machine allows for the minifigure patient to slide all the way in to run tests!

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