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Lego: The Wingfeather Saga, Rysen Castle Ruins

This is my fourth Wingfeather Saga creation. It is based off the fourth book, The Warden and the Wolf King. In the book, it says it was built into the mountain, so I tried to add some rocks. It also said it was ruined and destroyed, so I tried to do that too. Also in the book, the floor lowers down into the Fane of Fire. That is a bit complicated for me, so I just included a stone door. Includes Janner Wingfeather, Gnag the Nameless, Green Fang, Grey Fang, Kalmar Wingfeather (transformable), and finally Leeli Wingfeather. Enjoy!

Btw, does anyone know when the Florid Sword comic comes out/if it is coming out? Thank you!

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