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Brand New Mixel Tribes


Picture Fix

I noticed there were problems with a few of my pictures like a Lego piece out of place or a part being cut off after taking a shot. So I edited some of them and reposted them for this update.


Mixel Tribe Info

Here is what you need to know about each tribe and their members.

The Vehicons: Based on vehicles, these mixels get around without any hindrances, except when it comes to larger obstacles, then they all Max together to overcome those obstacles.
Engin, leader of the tribe; daring, challenging, and loves racing with fast mixels. Turbo, the funny one of the group, flies around when not walking, and likes to hide behind clouds. Skipr, the somewhat wise member who talks like a pirate. In color they are maroon, navy, black and dark gray with transparent orange lights or exhaust.

The Voomers: A cleaning tribe mostly associated with vacuums, these mixels will stop at nothing when it comes to ridding their colorful, wacky and fun world of dust, or nixels even.
Voosh, leader of the tribe, and a professional of cleaning; hates huge messes. Sukker, the mixel with a vacuum for a right hand, has trouble getting it unstuck if making contact with certain surfaces. Gustoe, a happy cleaner with a vacuum gun pack attached to his back. They are white, purple, lavender, gray, and transparent yellow in color.

The Naturites: The nature caring tribe, they are always there whenever there's a tree that needs protection from being chopped down; never invite them to weed eating day however.
Vinesly, a young leader of his tribe, can bury his arms into the ground and pop them up somewhere else when getting things. Shrub, the one who does his best to help keeping his leader satisfied by watering all the plants. Groot, a sleepy dog-like mixel who plays when he has enough energy and drinks a lot of water. Their colors are green, yellow green, and brown with brightly colorful flowers.

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