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Brand New Mixel Tribes


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Meet a bunch of new wacky characters from Planet Mixel. These new tribes have risen since the aftermath of the I-Cubit, and are making their world even more fun with their talents. The Vehicons; The Naturites; and the Voomers. I built these LEGO Mixels back in 2015 when I got into the series. The reason why I did this is that I liked the concept of taking two or more models and making new combinations with their body parts; also it relates to the cancellation of the franchise as it ended in late 2016. I think this would be a great opportunity to bring back something both LEGO and Mixel fans have loved as most of us were sad to see it end so soon, and this will introduce some new elements into Mixels that have never been done before. Descriptions of each tribe and their members will come soon.

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