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The Christmas Cabin

This is the festive, rustic, log Christmas Cabin, nestled in the heart of the woods. It's the home of Jack the woodsman, who lives there with his cat and dog. It's almost Christmastime (aka, the beginning of November), so he's decorated his entire home for Christmas! On the outside, the trees have been decorated with lights, and there is a wreath above the front door. Inside, there is a cozy fireplace with candles on the mantle, and two armchairs sitting near it. The railings of the loft have been covered in garland, which makes the reading nook up there even more festive. Last, but certainly not least, he put up a Christmas tree in the corner.

This model is full of details, from the rustic decor to the snow on the trees. Inside, there is a fireplace, with a set of moose antlers above it. A large red rug under the two armchairs makes the fireplace area even more welcoming, and the checkered plaid rug by the door adds to the rustic look. There's a stuffed fish on the wall by the stairs, and two live-edge wooden end tables. The television in the corner provides entertainment when sitting by the fire with a cup of coca just isn't enough, and a kitchenette with a sink and counter complete the downstairs details. Upstairs, there is a large bookshelf with lots of books, and a little reading nook with an armchair and end table where one can settle down and read them. A chandelier hanging nearby adds to the ambiance.

The outside is also very detailed. The whole cabin is covered with logs, and there is a chimney in the back. There is a stone walkway that leads up to the porch, which has two lanterns and a wooden door frame. There is also a wooden fence with a bird atop it (which the cat is eyeing hungrily).
I built this set because I like all things rustic and Christmas, especially when they're together. I think it would make a great LEGO set because LEGO doesn't have much for rustic sets, and everyone could always use a little more Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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