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Lonely Fortress(Castel)


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The watchman who protects this area alone and lonely

Hello? This is Indian Man.
This time it's a fortress. I've made quite a few modular buildings, but I've never made a castle-like building before, so I really wanted to try making one.
It wasn't easy to make a castle either.

This is the first castle I ever built. I wanted to make a castle for battle rather than a castle like a palace.
Defending a small area with a small number of people
I tried to make it in a modular format.

The first floor is defended by spearmen, the second floor is shortbowmen, and the second floor is longbowmen. On the roof, the general holds the position.

The interior was mainly arranged with stairs and weapons going up and down. Inside, only the basics were made.

It is a small fortress that defends a small area, but it is a strong castle that makes good use of the terrain.
The brave generals and subordinates are defending well.

As the number of blocks increases, some use large blocks. I'm thinking of reducing the number of blocks a bit more. This is my first castle, so it's a bit sloppy, but please take a look.

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