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Land Train


Land Train

When we go on holiday one thing we like to do is to take a ride on the Land Train if there is one. They are fun and often provide a great introduction to a resort.

This model is inspired by a Land Train recently seen on the island of Jersey. The model has good playability and will remind you of holidays.

Key features:

  • The locomotive and carriage are linked by magnetic buffers
  • If desired multiples of the carriage could be constructed to extend the land train and can link magnetically
  • A step is attached to the back of the locomotive which can be used to help people stepping up to the carriage
  • The wheelbase is the same as for a track based train so the wheels could be replaced with sets of train wheels if desired

Dimensions – 263 Bricks, wheelbase 6spots wide. Includes driver and two passengers

You can see more about this model at

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