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Party House

     This house is by the beach on abc island. Eve lives in this house with her dog cookie dough. Eve also owns a motorcycle. The house has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, office, outside porch area, outside party area, and a outside telescope, sleeping bag and chair area. 
     I built this because I like building houses with LEGO. I thought the design that I planed looks pretty cool. I think the house really builds Eves character. It makes her more sophisticated and really tells you something about her.
     I think this would make a great LEGO set because kids would have so much fun with Eve and her dog cookie dough. There are so many things that they could do with this LEGO set. They could be anything that they want them to be. I also, think that there is a lot of cool pieces in this set and I personally have a lot of fun with this LEGO design.


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