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This is a Rebel Y-wing fighter from Star Wars IV A New Hope built in intense detail in micro-scale. It has front guns that stick out just the right amount; a cockpit mounted machine gun at the right scale; a single piece micro-scale R2 unit; and tiny wires and circuits printed on every tile I could use. This model is designed for display purposes and will include a display stand I am still designing. The project is 67 pieces including two spare engine pieces so the model can be displayed in flight or landed.

I built this model because I had some micro-fighters sets I'd been given as a gift and wanted to build as accurate a Star Wars ship as I could. After some thought I decided to use the many flick-fire missiles included in the Resistance X-wing set to build Y-wing engines. On Lego Digital Designer I managed to take the designs to a whole new level of detail. I think it would make a good set because it has the detail of a UCS set in a tiny set.

Important note: some of my work is designed as a toy.

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