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Experimental Advanced Jet Fighter- Swift


Would you like to be a pilot? Are you thrilled to operate an experimental advanced jet fighter flying in the sky and show advantages to others? If yes, here is the chance! This experimental advanced jet fighter- Swift will partially fulfill your dream!

This is a creation at the inspiration of Yukikaze, a futuristic air fighter in a Japanese Anime "Battle Fairy Yukikaze " . But this model dose not exactly resemble the original "Yukikaze". To comply with LEGO parts, I changed the design of this model more realistic and can be easily and correctly constructed by LEGO parts. And I named it as "Swift", which indicates it is as fast and prompt as a swift. It is described as an "Experimental Advanced Jet Fighter". Since it has a full view cockpit, two forward swept transparent wings, two direction changeable jet nozzle, two big elevator, two canard wings and without vertical stabilizer.

Set details:

    - This model has a supporting seat attached with which the airplane can sit on it, pitch up or pitch down and roll right or left to make different poses. The blue box underneath the supporting seat is hollowing so that coins can be inserted to balance the weight of the air plane.

    - The set has one wagon which can carry missiles and two mini figures: one pilot and one mechanic.

    - The cockpit, canard wing, elevator, jet nozzle and the wings are all movable.

    - The landing gear can be retracted, though is not completely.

    - The missiles under the wing can be easily removed. The smaller missiles on top of the wing can be replaced by cannons as well.

    - This set takes 336 parts total, and easy to construct.

    - It can either be a toy set of a teenage or a collection on the shelf of an adult.

In addition, this model can be altered by switch the direction of the wings or add other details.

If you like it, if you want it to be a part of your exhibition, please support it! I appreciate. Thanks! 



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