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Yavin Runner II


the windshield taken apart

Upon request by Builderman77 I made some pics where you can see how the special shape of the windshield is achieved.

There were no changes made, the model is still the same (version 2.0).

Hope this helps :)


Version 2.0

Hey there,

Like the title implies I've made some very fundamental changes. The reason for this is a new set of screenshots where I noticed something important: The Engines aren't connected to the main body as it is in my first model! There are actually wings that are very close to the ships hull. Here the new screens:


I decided to take the whole back of the ship apart and start over new. Now with the wings connecting the engines to the ship and to each other.

I also Improved the backside, now lokking more alike the original. with the small boarding ramp for passengers and the lighting bar over it.

And a shot of the bottom side:

The new cargo boarding ramp:

The roof section between the upper engines was also improved.

And a special improvement on the inside in the back of the ship. Remember the mission on Blenjeel? Where you crashed that shuttle and had to replace some parts with things taken from a nearby wreck? The giant worms trying to eat you when you touched the sand?

I thought it would be nice if you could "lose" and "replace" those parts like in this mission. So here is the new back section:

And the real one to compare:

As you can see, I did not have the space to add 4 of these engine parts, but I think it looks good with two on each side of the ship, too.


Hope you like it :)

Oh and sorry that I forgot to add pictures in the 2 updates before. I fixed that now.


more detailed underside, color scheme

Hey there!

I have some new improvements for you:

The underside of the ship looks a bit more interesting now. I added a few details seen on the crash site screenshot from the game, but also came up with some things myself.

Also the ship has the characteristic bumps in the hull beneath the lower engines now, as well as the slight gap in height of the cockpit section and the passenger section.

The upper engines got some new air vents, which I just saw on a new screenshot I found.

Also the model was made more ... I would'nt exactly call it colorful ... Let's say I added some contrast :D

Hope you like this!


Jedi Ruins

Remember the first cutscene in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy?

The Yavin Runner II is shot down by someone we can't really see. But what can be seen is some kind of tower where the attacker stands on.

I decided to add this Jedi ruin to the set.

The little tower is built in two stages and can be taken apart, so that you can reach the inside more easily.

Like every good Jedi ruin, this one is a place where the force is strong. That might be because of the big glowing crystal In the middle of the lower room. But who knows? :)

This also includes a shady Disciple of Ragnos with the scepter used to shoot down the shuttle.

I hope you like this! Please feel free to tell me how you think I could improve this further. I had quite a hard time thinking about how to realize the scepter without going to far over minifig scale. Any better ways to do this are welcome. 

Thank you for your support so far, and keep it coming ;)

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