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Yavin Runner II


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This is my biggest project until now. It is a model of the "Yavin Runner II", a transport shuttle of the New Jedi Order, flying new apprentices to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 in the game "Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy".

The 2 screenshots from the game I used as reference are in the gallery.

I focused on playability as well as buildability when I planned this.

That's why the whole model is built in sections.

The first section is the nose of the ship, with the medical bay inside. I think it was never mentioned what really is in there in the game, but I thought a shuttle as big as this should have a medical bay somewhere.

The second section is the bridge, including a stairway down to the medical bay and passenger room as well as a catwalk into the cargo hold.

The third section is the main part of the ship, including the passenger room downstairs and a detachable cargo hold right above it.

The passenger room is designed very closely to the original ships one, while the cargo hold was never shown in the game, as far as i know. There simply was some room to be filled, so I decided to make the upper part the cargo hold.

The last section is the engine section, put together of 4 separately built engines, a sensor relais bridge between the two upper engine tubes and a middle piece connecting all engines to the ship.

The last section also holds the ships main doors for passengers and cargo. I tried to symbolize the engine parts that had to be replaced in the Blenjeel mission (the one with the scary sand burrowers) using droid body parts.


This model is built in a way so that one can access almost every part of the inside and place minifigures in it.

Includes Jaden Korr, Rosh Penin, 2 pilots and other apprentices.


I hope you enjoy it! Thanks :)

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