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SACKBOY - Little Big Planet 2

"Little Big Planet 2" is an action game for PlayStation 3 released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2011. This is the sequel to LittleBigPlanet. The main character is a very cute yarn character, SACKBOY. (The Japanese name is Ribits). Currently, the online service is no longer available on PS3, a new series of SACKBOY has been released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

I made various item screens with LEGO with my favorite characters of "Little Big Planet 2" in the series. It is not a reproduction of the actual screen, but an image of me.

"SACK BOY"(Ribits)
The brown character is a yarn doll with a zipper on the hero's chest.

Skin Change Screen
The yellow-green balloon on the left of SACK BOY is the skin change screen. I actually made a hat for changing clothes and a skin for one piece.

Root Screen
The foot of SACK BOY is an image of the route screen of the stars progressing on the stage.

"Da Vinci"
Da Vinci, the game guide, wears red and blue 3D glasses.

The small square-headed characters around the rocket tower on the right are the calendar factory robot "ROBITZ". This ROBITZ is also cute, and as the stage progresses, my eyes become heart-shaped and a lot of Zoro Zoro follow me, so I feel like I've become a leading teacher. Fly, bounce, sometimes throw, and finally ride a rocket-like pod to the next world.

Anyway, it was a cute and fun game, so while I was making it with LEGO, I was making it while grinning. I hope it will be a set that you can play with this fun feeling. If you get a set, you can make a lot of your favorite skins and original skins with your LEGO and change them.

Please support me if you keep it in mind.

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