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Complaint Tablet to Ea-Nāṣir

This is a Lego recreation of the oldest customer complaint in recorded human history! The complaint tablet to Ea-nāṣir is a clay tablet written in 1750 BC by a customer named Nanni. Written in Akkadian Cuneiform, Nanni complains to a merchant named Ea-nāṣir about the sub-standard quality of his copper. The tablet is currently kept in the British Museum.

The Akkadian Cuneiform text on the tablet details Nanni's account of Ea-Nāṣir's poor quality of service. According to Nanni, not only was he delivered the wrong grade of copper, but also shares that Ea-Nāṣir was rude to Nanni's messenger.

I believe that the tablet would make a fantastic Lego set due to its historical context, as well as its humorous nature. Ea-nāṣir's tablet is a shining example of how history can be made both fun and funny when we use a little imagination. People who have never heard of Ur, the Sumerian city-state in Ancient Mesopotamia, can come together to appreciate the idea that people in 1750 BC dealt with the same struggles that we do today. Poor customer service is a universal negative experience, but remembering Ea-Nāṣir's complaint tablet helps us to laugh it off and move on. I believe that the simple yet absurd humor of the tablet fits right in alongside the distinct Lego humor incorporated into official sets.

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