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Lego Anatomy

LEGO Anatomy
Ever wondered what Lego minifigures look like on the inside?
This project explores the human body using a giant Lego minifigure,
and allow children to learn basic human anatomy by building Lego~

A brick-build giant minifigure, with an open half showing important internal organs, including:
  • Heart (with large left ventricle, and branching aorta)
  • Left Lung (built to show 2 lobes)
  • Liver (with a lime color gallbladder under it)
  • Stomach
  • Large and small intestines (using quarter tiles to represent folds of the colon)
The skeleton and rib-cage (design inspired by lego skeleton minifigs)
Half the face shows the skull, with the Left hemisphere of the brain shown on top~!
*Color of the organs are fine tuned to fit Lego Ideas' content policy against blood.

Here I used the “half cut” style beloved by art collectors and toy fans, popularized by artist like KAWS and Jason Freeny. I am also partly inspired by Stephanix's anatomini project :)
This model trend closer to big-minifigure sets released by Lego, with less technic elements, more system parts to make the bones and organs, and follow the design of standard lego skeleton more~

Model info:
Size: 28.8x 21x 11.6 cm / 11.5x 8.2x 4.6”
Weight: 636 g
Part count: 650 elements

This model is for Lego fans who like cool and unique models, and toys / art collectors who want a fun and whacky display that would attract a lot of eyeballs.
I also hope it can be a fun educational tool for kids to learn basic anatomy, by build Lego~
if you want to bring this model home.
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