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Moon Palace

Lego Moon Palace, inspired by the legend of Chang e and the moon-rabbit.
The model shows a fantasy scenery of a palace built inside a floating crescent moon~

The Legend:
In the legends, Chang e was a mortal who took the immortal elixir given to her husband by the gods. After taking the elixir, she indeed became immortal, but she also flew to the moon and was forever separated from her husband on Earth. She lives in the moon palace with the moon rabbit, a mythical character shared by multiple east Asian cultures, believed to be inspired by the dark markings on the moon (shape resembling a rabbit pounding a pot of rice-cake).
The concept of a moon palace for immortals is also shown in the Japanese folklore of Kaguya-hime (The tale of the bamboo cutter).

The Model:
Featuring a giant crescent moon reinforced with technic inner frame for structural stability.

The inner palace is based on Asian architecture style, with a golden arc bridge, a lily pond, and cinnamon trees around the main buildings.
  • In some folk tales, there is a character named Wu gang, who is forever cutting a cinnamon tree on the moon. The tree regenerates and heals everyday so Wu Gang’s task is never fulfilled (think Asian Sisyphus).

The palace has an open back, with access to a few playable rooms:
  • Kitchen with a tea-table,
  • Moon rabbit's room
  • Art room for painting and calligraphy
  • Astrology/ star-gazing room at the top
I designed the model to be a cool display set in the front, and also a play-set at the back. So lego fans who like play features can also have fun with the model

The palace is raised slightly from the “water surface” to give the scene more fantasy/ dream-like quality.
Fun Easter egg: The “water splash” from the moon melting into the pond is made of lego rabbit elements

I hope you like this Lego idea :) If you want the have this Lego Moon Palace for yourself,
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