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Lego Tractor Pulls!


The idea here was to create a detailed and playable set for all ages! As designed it would come with three garden tractors and three matching drivers, a sled to pull, wooden bleachers, fencing and four cones to setup your track!

The three tractors are modeled after John Deere, Ford, and Massey Ferguson. These could be licensed for production to included realistic badges and stickers, or left how they are. The tractors are Lego city scale and simulate large lawn mowers or garden tractors in size. They are all unique and different in their own ways in order to give them a look specific to their own manufacturer. They all include the same realistic ball style hitch to hook up to the sled.

The sled is neutral in color and features a simulated weight of stacked concrete block. The weight will slide forward up the frame via a string that runs from the spool in the rear, under the weight, around the pulley at the front and back to the weight. The spool is gear driven from the rear axle and features an idler gear that can be slid over to disconnect the spool from the axle. This will come in handy when towing the sled to the track and/or resetting the sled for the next run. The sled's hitch can also be pinned to hold the sled in a raised position in order to keep the ski off the ground when transporting the sled to and from the track.

All three mini figures are unique and match their tractors in hat and helmet color. The four cones will help establish a start and stop line for the track. Lastly, simple wooden bleachers and some fencing give the spectators somewhere to enjoy the show!

Thank you for supporting my Lego design!

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