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The LEGO Wave


The Inspiration
The Wave. Such a mysterious yet beautiful natural occurrence. For me, the ocean has always been one of my happy places. Nothing beats the feeling of sticking your toes in the warm sand or body surfing and feeling the powerful rush of water as the wave rolls over you. When I began thinking of what I wanted my first LEGO Ideas project to be, The Wave came to mind instantly.

The Model
This model shows a breaking wave. It uses hundreds of transparent dark and light blue pieces, as well as some clear, white, and dark blue. The clean edges of the model help it to look great on display, especially next to other nature-themed builds. The Wave really comes alive when light shines through the transparent bricks and creates a natural ocean sparkle. This model comes with one surfing Minifigure and a coral-colored surfboard. The posable surfer and surfboard can be attached easily to the wave by removing one of the sloped pieces
Designed With Bricklink Studio
Piece Count: 391
Minifigures: 1
Beautiful-ness: 10/10
Should You Vote For This: Yes

Why The Wave?
To my knowledge, LEGO has never released anything like this. This could begin a new Nature line, with builds in a style similar to the Architecture line. I think that this model would appeal to a wide audience, from surfers to scientists and tourists to nature-lovers.

Thank you so much for reading this! I would be honored if you voted for this project. Every vote counts!

Have a great rest of your day,

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