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National Park Service Centennial Vignettes


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In 2016 the National Park Service will be celebrating its 100th anniversary of protecting some of the most beautiful and historically significant places in the world.  On August 25, 1916 the Organic Act was signed by President Woodrow Wilson creating the National Park Service and providing the best protections of Americas natural and cultural resources and historic sites for future generations.  Today, there are 407 National Parks with a record breaking 294 million visitors in 2014 who visit from all over the world.  What better way to support these National Treasures, short of taking a trip to see them in person, than with a collection of Lego vignettes of three iconic parks!

Each of these three vignettes represent Park Rangers with visitors in different park environments.  The settings are constructed on 10X16 base plates, each parks from a different corner of the country, and each with a different significance.  This set is both educational and provides a fun play and building experience.  With the Centennial of the National Park service in 2016, the time is right to join the celebration of “America’s Best Idea”. 

The park vignettes includes:

Everglades National Park: Located in Florida, Everglades National Park protects the world renowned wetland ecosystem that is home to an amazing variety of plants and animals.  This vignette shows a Park Ranger and excited visitor passing a basking alligator while canoeing this incredible wilderness.   

Katmai National Park and Preserve: Located in Alaska, Katmai is home to thousands of giant Brown Bears that feed on salmon at the mouth of the Brooks River.  This vignette shows a Park Ranger and visitor overlooking a Brown Bear attempting to catch salmon swimming upstream.

Saguaro National Park: Located in Arizona, Saguaro National Park preserves a portion of the beautiful Sonoran Desert, home to the iconic, and giant, saguaro cactus.  This vignette shows a Park Ranger and visitor on a bird walk amongst the desert vegetation.  Watch out for that snake!


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