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Classic Space: Lunar Mission HQ


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With the help of the Lunar Mission HQ, you can explore this uncharted moon and discover its hidden riches...

The set has 2,200 pieces which makes up a detailed exterior and interior that has 4 rooms (a lab,
a garage, a mining room and of course a canteen!) filled with all the essentials for any epic space mission!

The set also comes with a driller mech, a spaceship and a mineral detector rover to help the space-guys research and discover the uncharted moon...

Speaking of space-guys, this set comes with 8 of them. 3 new colours (light pink, dark azure and purple) and 4 old but equally fashionable colours (red, yellow, white, blue and... blue again)! Also, to help the space guys, there are 2 brick-built space-bots!

To celebrate Classic Space, there is also a separate display stand that has a brick-built Classic Space logo and a special golden space-guy.

This set harkens back to old Classic Space sets but is in a modern LEGO style and makes use of new pieces and techniques.

LEGO fans like myself have wanted Classic Space to properly return with everything that made it iconic and awesome.

So I wanted to make a set that captured everything that classic space was known for. So I thought the perfect way to encapsulate all of that was to make the Lunar Mission HQ.

If you like my project and want Classic Space to return in all of its awesomeness, I would love it if you would give it your support.

Thank you!

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